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Inauguration of the new fire station and building yard in Titz




September 3rd, 2021: Since May of this year, the new fire department and building yard of the rural community of Titz, located in the district of Düren, has already been in operation; the inauguration, which was cancelled in March due to the pandemic, was finally carried out on September 3.

The building complex, named "Chaussee 112" and featuring a striking red trapezoidal design, was duly inaugurated by the local mayor Jürgen Frantzen, the district administrator of the Düren district, Wolfgang Spelthahn, and many other guests from the surrounding communities during the opening ceremony on the grounds of the fire station.

Hepp-Schwamborn was responsible for the building services installations, including the implementation of sockets, distribution systems, the lighting technology in the building as well as the elaborate house lighting in the outdoor area.