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Safe and uninterrupted plant operation

The determination of the degree of danger to which a plant or machine is exposed, is of utmost importance for permanent operational safety. This includes the probability that a damage occurs and its probable consequential effect. Depending on various factors - even outside the direct technical context such as the number of shifts, the behavior of the staff and their know-how – First, an investigation to determine the performance level needs to be carried out.

The main focus is on the development of a control system that is designed to withstand any component failure, such that, a previously defined performance level can be kept uninterrupted.

Hepp-Schwamborn supplies the necessary competence to evaluate safety-related machine controls in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849, so as to determine risk parameters for determining the required performance level (PLr) and to prepare the necessary technical documentation or operating instructions.

Safety experts from Hepp-Schwamborn will accompany you from the risk analysis through the safety assessment to the installation of a finished control system. In this way, a smoothly working system, which is adjusted to all conceivable operational eventualities, permanently strengthens your position in the competition.


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