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Cooperation for the project work of technician training




March 2nd, 2020: Thanks to the cooperation of the companies Hillekes and Hepp-Schwamborn, the aspiring technicians Jens Abels, Alexander Dyballa and Philipp Stradt were able to successfully realise the project work to be carried out as part of their training.


Mr. Stradt had previously worked in our company before attending the technical school and again approached Hepp-Schwamborn with confidence regarding his project work. For lack of a suitable project, the Hillekes company in Brüggen was contacted, which produces machines for capping plastic bottles. The development of a universal control system for these semi-automatic capping machines soon turned out to be a suitable subject for the project work, so that Hillekes finally contributed a machine and Hepp-Schwamborn the electrical engineering components.


Mr. Knollnot, head of the electrical engineering course, supervised the project, in which the existing control system was optimized in its functionality and the program was structured modularly and implemented in step chains. An Eaton Easy-DC-12TC1 was used for control.


On March 2nd, 2020 the three aspiring technicians presented the result of this cooperation in the assembly hall of the Berufskolleg Mönchengladbach.