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In-house training for switching instruction

28. and 29. March 2019:

On the first training day the theoretical basics were taught.


This included topics such as:

• Sensitization in handling high-voltage systems and transformers up to 36 kV

• Observance of the 5 safety rules

• AuS (work under voltage) up to 1 kV.


On the second day of the training the theory was deepened by practical work under real conditions (20 kV) in the switchgear room.


Hepp-Schwamborn_Schaltunterweisung 2019 Praxis2Hepp-Schwamborn_Schaltunterweisung 2019 Praxis1


Different systems (gas and air insulated) from different manufacturers were switched. In addition, the systems could also be examined from the inside for the purpose of recognising how they function and for practicing troubleshooting and maintenance instructions.