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Hepp-Schwamborn at the training exchange 2019


Ausbildungsbörse 2019 Beratungsgespräch_Hepp-Schwamborn

February 20, 2019: In cooperation with the Agentur für Arbeit the Kreishandwerkerschaft Mönchengladbach organised this training exchange for the 9th time.
On the afternoon of the event, the training workshops were opened for young people who are interested in training occupations in the skilled trades in order to give them an insight into the skilled trades.
Information tables of the guilds were set up in the foyer.
Mr. Sascha Jöcken and Mr. Gisbert Janssen (Elektro-Innung) answered the questions of pupils at the event "Ausbildungsbörse" (training exchange) in the district craftsmen's association about the career possibilities in the electrical trade.