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Exam preparation during the crisis


Copyright © Photo: Detlef Ilgner


June 2020: Exam under difficult conditions: even a journeyman at Hepp-Schwamborn faces the same fate that many young people share with him before completing their current school or apprenticeship.


Erik Gerhards is in his third year of training as an electronics technician for energy and building services engineering at Hepp-Schwamborn and will take his final exams at the turn of the year - although under more difficult conditions due to the Covid 19 pandemic.


Classes were cut, content was dropped and vocational school lessons had to be completely cancelled for a period of two months. Nevertheless, the journeyman was able to acquire a lot of valuable practical knowledge during the downtime at Hepp-Schwamborn's company, which will certainly be an important asset in preparing for the examination.


Recently, however, the theoretical lessons could be resumed in a restricted form and Hepp-Schwamborn wishes the hopeful journeyman much success in completing his final examinations.