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Hepp-Schwamborn at the education fair of the Kreishandwerkerschaft Mönchengladbach




February 12nd, 2020: In cooperation with the Agentur für Arbeit, the Kreishandwerkerschaft has again organised a job training exchange especially for handicraft professions. In the Berufsausbildungszentrum der Kreishandwerkerschaft, about 120 pupils from grade 8 on had the opportunity to talk to various craftsmen's businesses, obtain information from the careers advisory service and visit the workshops there.


As in the previous year, Hepp-Schwamborn was on site with many other Mönchengladbach craftsmen's workshops and guilds, in order to give interested young people an understanding of the attractiveness of training in the electrical engineering sector. Since the pupils were asked in advance to bring along prepared application documents and their half-yearly school reports, in contrast to comparable vocational fairs, much more substantiated discussions about an actual take-over in a training relationship with the young interested parties can be held.