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Jubilee celebration at Hepp-Schwamborn



January 31st, 2020:

At this year's traditional company family celebration, long-standing employees were once again honoured for their loyal service to the company: Peter Schröder (50 years), Heinz-Walter Caspers (40 years) and Udo Halcour (25 years) received their anniversary awards this time from the present vice president of the Handwerkskammer Düsseldorf, Mr. Karl-Heinz Reidenbach.


Furthermore, three long-standing employees were bid farewell to their retirement on this festive evening in the Liedberger Landgasthaus: Ulrich Kath (42 years), Volker Terwesten (24 years) and Bernd Vöcklinghaus (19 years) were honoured for many years of loyal service.


This year's jubilee celebration, to which all employees and volunteers were invited, lasted well into the night and was considered a great success by all participants.