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Ambassadors in boiler suits


DSC06310_Botschafter im BlaumannDSC06362_Botschafter im Blaumann


27. August 2019:

At Hepp-Schwamborn, further education begins with the youngest employees:

15 trainees from Hepp-Schwamborn were introduced to tricks and pitfalls of dealing directly with customers and the local conditions at a one-day seminar entitled "Ambassadors in boiler suits".

While the seminar title should still be understood with a wink of the eye, correct appearance when meeting the customer on site is very important for the trainees and not least for the company concerned. In addition to seriousness and courtesy, this also requires a certain sense of tact, as speaker Julia Hanisch, trainer for BES Mönchengladbach, clearly explained: "It starts with the lack of a proper handshake to greet the customer and ends with parking on the boss's parking lot: to attract attention on these and similar occasions should be avoided at all costs".

The trainees were all interested and were able to discuss with the speaker how they could ideally combine technical and human aspects at future customer meetings.


DSC06243_Botschafter im BlaumannDSC06239_Botschafter im Blaumann