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Hepp-Schwamborn participates in the Geroweiher trade fair for the professional sector

Berufsmesse Geroweiher


01. February 2018: Participation in the Geroweiher trade fair. Michaela Bohnen, Apprentice of the Year Month November 2017, presented her profession at the Geroweiher Gymnasium on the premises of the Geroweiher. Kuno Schwamborn is convinced of the event's concept:"It is an enrichment that students from four school types are involved. In addition to high school students, pupils of the secondary modern school also took part in the Niers and Heinrich-Lersch-Hauptschule. The three schools belong to the school association Stadtmitte. In addition, pupils of the vocational college Platz der Republik were also invited. Kuno Schwamborn expressly asks for trainees:"We have to draw attention to ourselves as craftsmen“.


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