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Michaela Bohnen "Apprentice of the Month"




November 2017: Michaela Bohnen was the first female trainee at Hepp-Schwamborn to be named "Apprentice of the Month" in November.

"I don’t see any inconvenience with having a high school diploma and starting a technical education with this degree. Manual works require just as much theory as practice." This combination is what I wanted: to experience how a damage system looks like - and how it looks after it has been repaired and everything works again”, said Michaela Bohnen on the day of her honor.


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The 21-year-old is in the second year of her training as a prospective electronics technician for energy and building technology at Hepp-Schwamborn, and had convinced the trainers and employers so much that the Kreishandwerkschaft Mönchengladbach and the Chamber of Crafts in Dusseldorf had to name her as the first female trainee in industrial-technical training to receive the "apprentice of the month” award in the Chamber’s district. Chamber of Commerce President, Andreas Ehlert, and county craftsman, Frank Mund handed, handed over the award certificate, as well as an "Ice Watch", in recognition of her excellence, at the company headquarters in Rheydt.


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After a 6-day introductory internship, it quickly became clear that the young woman would be enrolled at the Hepp-Schwamborn training program. And today? "She works with an overview, and in a highly concentrated, precise manner, and she always stays tuned," Mund quotes the assessment submitted for the candidate’s selection by training master, Sascha Jöcken. "All teams always want to have her in the projects" - "And her grades in the vocational school - all runner-ups and firsts - are excellent," confirmed company boss Kuno Schwamborn. The fact that she does not claim a special position in the male team, then implies that she exchanges in a cold room for half an hour at minus 22 degrees light bands or encounters unpleasant creatures on intermediate ceilings.