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Flawless data flow for your company network

When we talk about network growth these days, we don’t usually think of the underlying technical requirements, but we rather think of the explosively evolving possibilities of communicative exchange of human relationships among one another. Thanks to the technology behind it.


Thanks to operational networks, however, the requirements for reliability, resiliency and high transmission speeds will inevitably be increased. If one considers that a production and service hotspot like Germany alone, occupies the 25th spot on the global information highway in terms of speed, one already suspects that a great deal of technical action is still needed in the future.

Hepp-Schwamborn sets standards for the reliability of closed operating networks. Copper and fiber optic technologies, which are required to connect internal hardware and software, do not only require the cabling itself, but also the expertise required for the purposeful parameterization of active components (such as hubs, routers and switches).


All work results are verified, recorded and sustainably documented by Hepp-Schwamborn, using high-frequency measuring devices (TDR / OTDR standards). This includes a continuous monitoring and calibration of these measuring devices. For a smooth flow of data within the network operation, such instruments are indispensable as test instances.